Event Recordings – Day 2


Day 2 – Thursday 18 March

Dealing with climate change chaired by Charlie Prell, Farmers for Climate Action

Prof Mark Howden, Institute for Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions, ANU

Ian Dunlop, member Club of Rome

Prof Justin BorevitzPrecision Landscape Regeneration

Dr Adam Carroll, Research School of Biology, ANU


Enabling meaningful change chaired by Genevieve Jacobs

Em Prof Stuart HillEcological and Psycho-social Foundations for Agricultural Sustainability

Sustainable Farms – Michelle Young – Restoring the ecology above ground


Encroachment on agricultural land by mining and urbanisation chaired by Genevieve Jacobs

Dr Gavin MuddThe essentials of mining and sustainability

Sally Hunter, Lock the Gate – What life is like when mining comes to your district


Feed me for a year – Rod Taylor, David Jenkins Ghetto Media
If you want to know more, contact Rod Taylor,  tayloram2000[at]zoho.com


Transforming global food systems chaired by Hon Sandra Kanck

Tony Hill, Land to Market Australia – Buy into a Healthier Australia

Hon Professor Robyn Alders AO – ANU/Kyeema Foundation

Julian Cribb, author Food or WarThe Age of Renewable Food


Can we feed all the people and not destroy the Earth?  chaired by Ian Lowe

Dr Nicole Chalmer, author of Ecoagriculture for a Sustainable Food Future Ecoagriculture: a cultural paradigm for enduring resilience and sustainability

Prof Will SteffenPlanetary boundaries

Dr Jane O’SullivanThe critical role of population size and growth


Concluding remarks Prof Ian Lowe