Event Recordings – Day 1

Thank you to you and our speakers and our sponsors for making this a wonderful event. It was exhausting but exhilarating, and now we’re pleased to share these video recordings.

Your event organisers,
Jenny Goldie
Rod Taylor
Stephen Curtain
Walter Jehne
Ben Fox
Phil Lee

Day 1 – Thursday 17 March

Regenerative agriculture chaired by Jenny Goldie

Welcome to Conference – Jenny Goldie, SPA President
Welcome to the Academy’s Shine Dome – Dr TJ Higgins
Welcome to country – Shane Mortimer
Official Opening – Prof John Hewson


Keynote – Dr Charles Massy author: Call of the Reed Warbler


Australia’s soil, water and vegetation as strategic assets chaired by Prof Robyn Alders AO

Admiral Chris Barrie, ANU and former head of Australian Defence Forces

The Hon Penny Wensley AC, National Soils Advocate

Walter Jehne, Regenerate Earth/Healthy Soils Australia – Whither Australia’s Agriculture 2030?


Indigenous Farming chaired by Prof Barbara Norman

Dr Patrice Newell author: Who’s minding the farm?


Farming today chaired by Prof Barbara Norman

Matthew Evans author: Soil

Gabrielle Chan, author Why You Should Give a F**k About Farming


Restoring the soil chaired by Bethaney Turner

John FeehanImproving soil with dung beetles

Dr Wolfram BussThe role of biochar

Guy Webb, SoilCQuest – Restoring the Soil


Sustainable Population Australia Regenerative Earth